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Stay safe while adding lightning speed to your website.

Hosting is to a website, like fuel to a car.  No car can run without some kind of fuel (gas, diesel, electricity) and no website can run without some kind of hosting.

But not all hosting solutions are created equal.  Just like fuel for your car, different hosting solutions will give you different results.

Technically speaking, web hosting is a service that allows someone to publish a website or a web page on to the internet.  A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or web page to be viewed on the internet.

Fast & Dedicated Servers

Your website needs to load quickly: if not, people will click away from your website more often (known as having a "high bounce rate") and search engines will rank your website lower in the search results. Thus, slow speeds gives a poor visitor experience and hurts your search engine rankings.


If your website isn't stable and reliable, in other words, if it ever goes offline or doesn't load property, then you risk losing business. Premium hosting solutions have multiple systems in place to ensure up-time and overall stability and reliability.


As publicized data breaches have reminded us all too well, hackers are a constant threat to websites. They seek to steal personal or financial information, hold the computer hostage for ransom, or take it over to use for attacks on other computers. Like being a victim of a traumatic home invasion, a successful website hack can leave your website a mess and your reputation in shambles.

100% Clean

A "sterile" web neighborhood is one that is free from undesirable websites. Just like you'd like your home to be free from germs, your website will only perform at it's best if the servers that host it are free from germs. For best website performance, you need to ensure that your website isn't sharing servers with "junk" websites. That's why we never accept any adult, gambling, pharma or marijuana or CBD websites on our servers.